The Rising

Terry Ennis
Published: Sunday, July 17, 2016, 12:01 a.m.

Sport: Football

Local connection: Cascade and Archbishop Murphy coach

Best known as: State champion football coach

Era: 1988 through 2007

Coaching bio

In an area known for its high-profile football coaches, Ennis may well have been the best. While he never advanced beyond the high school level, Ennis was such a success at two Snohomish County schools that he earned the nod as The Herald's most successful coach of all time. At the time of his death last September, Ennis had taken Archbishop Murphy's program from nothing to dynasty in just a few years. Even before there was a school called Archbishop Murphy, Ennis had established himself as a local legend by taking Cascade to 10 consecutive Western 4A Conference titles and a 4A state championship. He came out of retirement to start Archbishop Murphy's football program won two state titles in the first four years of the program. Ennis had a career record of 287-87 and ranked second in the state to Tumwater's Sid Otton (291-114) in all-time victories.

Victims of the mudslide

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  • Alan Bejvl, 21
  • Shelley Bellomo, 55
  • Ron deQuilettes, 52
  • Tom Durnell, 65
  • Adam Farnes, 23
  • Julie Farnes, 59
  • Mark Gustafson, 55
  • Bonnie Gullikson, 91
  • Steven Hadaway, 53
  • Gloria Halstead, 67
  • Jerry Halstead, 75
  • Denver Harris, 14
  • Steve Harris, 52
  • Theresa Harris, 53
  • Sanoah Huestis, 4 months
  • Christina Jefferds, 45
  • Amanda Lennick, 31
  • Jerry Logan, 63
  • Jovon Mangual, 13
  • Linda McPherson, 69
  • Joseph Miller, 47
  • Larry Miller, 58
  • Sandy Miller, 64
  • Stephen Neal, 55
  • Michael Pearson, 74
  • Summer Raffo, 36
  • John Regelbrugge III, 49
  • Kris Regelbrugge, 44
  • Hunter Ruthven, 6
  • Katie Ruthven, 34
  • Shane Ruthven, 43
  • Wyatt Ruthven, 4
  • Marcy Satterlee, 61
  • Thom Satterlee, 65
  • Lon Slauson, 60
  • Billy Spillers, 30
  • Brooke Spillers, 2
  • Kaylee Spillers, 5
  • JuDee Vandenburg, 64
  • Lewis Vandenburg, 71
  • Brandy Ward, 58
  • Delaney Webb, 19
  • William Welsh, 66

Who helped

Who helped

See the list of businesses, people, organizations and governments that participated in on-scene rescue and recovery or provided crucial support after the mudslide.

Oso moments

Oso moments

As he helped to coordinate the community's response to the March 22 mudslide, Snohomish County Executive John Lovick experienced what he came to call "Oso moments," when the things he had seen or heard simply became too much. There have been great moments, too, most brought by others' acts of kindness. Read what he and others recall here.

What's next

What's next

A lot of hard work is left to be done. Read about what will attract attention in the coming months.