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Make a resolution to review 43 coverage changes

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By Paul Pukis
Capital Asset Protection
Published: Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 12:01 a.m.
  • Paul Pukis

    Paul Pukis

It's New Year's resolution time! Every year, millions of Americans (45 percent) tell themselves that this year is going to be different. This year, you tell yourself, I'm going to eat better, work out more, say “I love you” more, get organized, quit smoking, save more money and you're going to make all these changes at once. Please let me be the first to say good luck!
Research shows that only 8 percent of the folks who make a New Year's resolution actually accomplish what they set out to change about their life or business. There are three keys steps to help you stay on track.
First, verbalize your resolutions to others instead of keeping them to yourself. By doing so, you create a social commitment, which makes it harder for you to go back on your word.
Second, take your resolutions one at a time. Your body and mind want to stay in the same routine already established. No one said change is easy. When you toss several things to change at once, your body will fight back and that battle is rarely won by what you want to change.
Third, seek out professional help when it makes sense. Personal coaches, nutritionists, trainers and hypnotists can help keep you accountable and assist you staying on track.
So, why the heck (you may be asking yourself) is an insurance professional writing about sticking to New Year's resolutions? Well, in 2013, the basic commercial property policy will have 43 changes. Toss all I said in the paragraph above out the window when it comes to the right way to make change. The insurance industry is known for doing things that, many believe, seem to make little sense. The main difference is the insurance industry has the power to do this.
In no way is there enough space generously provided by the editor to detail each change coming your way at policy renewal if you have business property insurance, so I will stick with some solid advice instead. Just like a personal coach or adviser would help you reach your personal New Year's goals, a personal protection adviser will help you understand the 43 changes to the commercial property section of your business policy. You can find some info on business insurance at our website, However, many of these changes are small, yet important, and are best explained to you by an insurance professional.
Working with an insurance professional on an annual basis is a wise decision. If that isn't a practice in your business or personal life, add it to your 2013 New Year's resolution list and make sure you avoid financial hardship or devastation due to the changes in your policy.
For other questions about your business insurance, contact Paul Pukis at Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC at 425-320-4280 or
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