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The year in tweets: 140 characters at a time

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By Scott M. Johnson
Herald Writer
1 Jan
@SeattleSportsFanatic Glad to turn the page on 2011 ... I see Heismans, Peyton Manning, Prince Fielder and Super Bowls in the near future
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Seahawks lose to #Cardinals ... here we go again
5 Jan
@SeattleSportsFanatic #NHL might be coming to Seattle ... Going to pay more attention this fall
7 Jan
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Huskies get road win; it's going to take Pac-12 title to get into NCAAs
13 Jan
@SeattleSportsFanatic Pineda just traded to ... #YANKEES???!!! Arrggghhhh!!! Here's betting he starts Game 1 of World Series.
15 Jan
@SeattleSportsFanatic Still think Prince Fielder gonna look good in middle of M's lineup
24 Jan
@SeattleSportsFanatic Prince to #Tigers. Didn't want him anyway; Justin Smoak's better
7 Feb
@SeattleSportsFanatic New #NBA arena in Sodo? Do we get #Durant back too? Would also like Jeremy Lin
8 Feb
@SeattleSportsFanatic The Sacramento Kings? Maybe we should just stick to #NHL, thanks
14 Feb
@SeattleSportsFanatic ... And I was just starting to fall in love with the #Kings
2 Mar
@SeattleSportsFanatic UW men win Pac-12 title! NCAA berth a certainty now!!!
11 Mar
@SeattleSportsFanatic What[']s the #NIT?
19 Mar
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Seahawks sign Matt Flynn!!! Goodbye, QB controversies!
2 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic Spring football begins. So does @KeithPrice17[']s #Heisman run
6 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic M[']s win at Oakland. Beat the worst team in baseball, but seven runs ain't bad ... and Figgy's a STUD at top of order!
7 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic Eight more runs for M's. Figgy hitting .412. Offense WON'T be a problem this year!!!
10 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic New #Seahawks jerseys might be ugly, but I got my personalized Matt Flynn model. A Sunday staple this fall!!!
16 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic @PeteCarroll sez Seahawks' starting job is open, despite Flynn signing ... yeah, right. And I'm Matt Damon
20 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic Six days until NFL draft. At least #Seahawks don't need a QB!
21 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic Doing draft research. Glad we're set at QB, because after Luck & RG3, there ain't squat ...
26 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Seahawks draft LB from state pen, where conditions were better than Penn State
27 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic Another linebacker? Who cares ... with Flynn throwing pills, we don't need defense!
@SeattleSportsFanatic Funny. Just thought I saw #Seahawks picking QB Russell Wilson on tracker ... doubt that one! Stay tuned …
@SeattleSportsFanatic Must be a different Russell Wilson. The one I know is a 5-foot-6 QB from Wisconsin
@SeattleSportsFanatic Seriously? Pretty high for a career third-stringer. Leinart, Sanchez and now Wilson -- @PeteCarroll don[']t know QBs!
28 Apr
@SeattleSportsFanatic #NBA playoffs beginning. Man, I hate @KingJames
14 May
@SeattleSportsFanatic Hahahaha!!!! @PeteCarroll sez Lil Russ Wilson will compete for starting job. Sounds like Lou Holtz talkin bout Prairie View A&M
28 May
@SeattleSportsFanatic Surprise, surprise. Flynn dominates first OTA. Get used to clipboard, T-Jack. Hope Lil Russ enjoys practice squad
2 Jun
@SeattleSportsFanatic Just got my Matt Flynn road jersey!!! Home or away, I'll be ready this fall!
21 Jun
@SeattleSportsFanatic #NBA Finals begin. Heat vs. ex-Sonics. Man, I love @KingJames
30 Jun
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Mariners are toast. Not even the All-Star Break, and they're already pushing daisies.
23 Jul
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Ichiro to #Yankees. Can't believe they're giving up on the season!
28 Jul
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Seahawks training camp opens! Let the charade of a QB competition begin. FLYNN IS THE MAN!
31 Jul
@SeattleSportsFanatic M[']s ain't dead yet! One of three teams alive in AL West (sorry, A's ... can't say we're surprised!)
10 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic M[']s lose fifth in a row. Starting to feel like 'Weekend at Bernie's' around here.
11 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic If I hear one more thing about that midget Russell Wilson, I'm gonna puke. Move over, eighth dwarf and let Flynn run the show!
14 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic Just gave up my M's tickets for tomorrow night. Not interested in meaningless games, thanks.
15 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic @RealKingFelix pitches perfect game. You shoulda been there. So shoulda I.
@SeattleSportsFanatic More I think about it, not that big a deal. There'll be plenty other perfect games at Safeco. Not like they're moving up the fences
18 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic Russell Wilson has big game. Not looking good for Tarvaris. Glad Hawks have option if Flynn gets hurt
21 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic Wilson to start vs. KC. Bet the #Disney story ends here.
24 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic OK, so the Lil QB can win a preseason game. When Flynn gets healthy, he'll be starting opener.
26 Aug
@SeattleSportsFanatic Wilson will START THE REGULAR SEASON??? Too small, too young, too inexperienced. @PeteCarroll officially on the hot seat.
1 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic Huskies open with SD State, healthy @KeithPrice17. Let Heisman campaign begin!
8 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic LSU 41, UW 3. @KeithPrice17 fighting uphill battle for Heisman
9 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic Hawks lose to Cardinals??? Russell Wilson throws for 154??? Hate to say I told you so. But I told you so.
16 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic Seahawks win IN SPITE OF Russell Wilson. KJR's Hugh Millen is right: HE'S NOT AN NFL STARTER!!!
24 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic Waiting for replay, but positive Golden Tate caught that ball!!!
@SeattleSportsFanatic Golden Tate had a finger on it. Maybe two. What's the rule anyway? Still waiting for ruling …
@SeattleSportsFanatic Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! I LOVE replacement refs!!!
25 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic What[']s the big deal? It's not like the #Seahawks haven't gotten robbed before
26 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic #NFL reaches deal with refs. Not good for #Seahawks' playoff chances
27 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Huskies beat Stanford!!!! Rose Bowl, here we come!!!!
30 Sep
@SeattleSportsFanatic Lost to the #Rams??? Coulda used the replacement refs ... and A REAL QB!!!
1 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic Seriously, bench Russell Wilson already. Or fire @PeteCarroll. This is getting ridiculous
5 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic I think I hate Russell Wilson. Really.
6 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic I hate Oregon more. Ducks lambast #Huskies again. @KeithPrice17 stinks.
7 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic Hawks win a road game! Best D in the NFL! Lil Russ throws two ints, scores just 16 pts. Is it Flynn time NOW?
8 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic @PeteCarroll sticking with Russell Wilson. Seriously. Only guy madder than me is Hugh Millen
10 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Yankees lose to #Tigers! Best baseball game ever. A-Rod benched, Rauuuuuul wins game. Why'd M's let Ibanez go?
13 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic U-Dub loses to SC. Oh, if only the #Huskies still had Jake Locker. Or Nick Montana.
14 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic Wilson leads comeback over Pats!!! Maybe @PeteCarroll was ri ... was righhh ... was ... oh, I can't even say it
15 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic I[']m almost ready to admit that I can tolerate Russell Wilson
18 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic Wilson: 9-for-23 in loss to #49ers. Dude shouldn't even be in the league! BTW, Hawks are toast
28 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic Hawks lose to #Lions. What's the 2013 draft look like? Matt Barkley would look good in blue-and-lime-green
30 Oct
@SeattleSportsFanatic What[']s wrong with #Seahawks' D? Can they stop anybody???
4 Nov
@SeattleSportsFanatic Adrian Peterson is killing us!!!
@SeattleSportsFanatic Russell Wilson saves the day! This defense couldn't stop a wind-up mouse
7 Nov
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Jets coming to town. Russell Wilson is better than Tebow. And Sanchez. But not Flynn.
11 Nov
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Seahawks hammer Jets. Coulda won it with Nancy Wilson at QB
16 Nov
@SeattleSportsFanatic Hawks get bye week. Back in playoff mix? Wish I had more faith in Russell Wilson getting us there.
25 Nov
@SeattleSportsFanatic Forget it. #Dolphins beat Hawks. #Russell Wilson is OVERRATED!!!
26 Nov
@SeattleSportsFanatic Okay, so maybe I overreacted. But, seriously, why isn't Flynn playing by now?
1 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Bears['] D could be too much for little rookie from Wisconsin
2 Dec
3 Dec
4 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic Andrew Luck or RG3 for rookie of the year? What about RUSSELL WILSON!!! RUSSELL WILSON!!!
6 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic Playoffs are a lock. I never lost faith.
9 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Cardinals just got two big pass plays on opening drive. Gonna be a long day.
@SeattleSportsFanatic 4th quarter, Matt Flynn sighting. Better find one of my No. 15 jerseys. I smell mothballs.
@SeattleSportsFanatic 58-0??? Nobody wants a part of this team right now!!! Too early to talk Super Bowl?
16 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic 50 more points. Sure glad we didn't sign Peyton Manning. Russell Wilson's already BETTER!!!!
22 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic I bet you've never heard of the Vegas Bowl before.
@SeattleSportsFanatic Double or nothing @KeithPrice17 ends this one by throwing an ... there it is. Dawgs lose
23 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic Russell and Co. blowing out the #49ers. NFC West not done yet!!!
@SeattleSportsFanatic ONLY 42 points? What is this, a Seahawks' slump?
24 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic First Jason Bay. Then Raul Ibanez. Mariners are gonna have a heck of an offense ... in 2006
25 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic Got my Russell Wilson jersey for Xmas, baby!!!
30 Dec
@SeattleSportsFanatic Smell win over Rams, playoff success and Super Bowl run. Sure glad we didn't go with Matt Floyd … or Flynn … or whatever his name was
@SeattleSportsFanatic #Seahawks, #Mariners, #Huskies on verge of big things. Didn't happen in 2012, but 2013 WILL BE OUR YEAR ... right? Right???
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