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Smart shopper seminar

Smart shopper seminar

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'Breathe Into the Incredible Power of Your Whole Voice'

January 10 | 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Featuring Awilda Verdejo, Coach & Former Professional Opera Singer.

Featuring Awilda Verdejo, Coach & Former Professional Opera Singer Project more of who you are - and let others know where you stand in business and in life- from the moment you start speaking. Your voice is so much more than an outward projection. According to voice professional Awilda Verdejo, the voice is a unique, valuable, and complex tool whose power is often untapped. Like conscious breathing, the voice can enhance your connection to others while providing you with a fulfilling sense of self-empowerment. When you make the commitment to fully accept your voice, it is a wondrous way of "coming home" and connecting to your ever-evolving inner authority. This connection will help you to live more consciously in your body, honor your intuition and intention, and speak your truth- influencing every part of one's life. Awilda has learned that the unique voice each of us possesses is about far more than the speaking or singing voice. It is spiritual, intellectual, emotional, intuitive, cultural, genetic-and we can fully use all those components all of the time. Don't miss this captivating talk on how finding and owning your voice is an extraordinarily empowering way to live in the moment and create a deeper connection to the self and others. January is your fresh-start chance to embrace all things WBE- networking for clients and professional opportunities, mentoring or being mentored, reinventing yourself, learning through volunteering, and much more.

Who: Women's Business Exchange
Location: Women's University Club
Address: 1105 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: 206-369-7659
Cost: Early Bird Member Price: $25 Non-Members: $38.

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